Voltmen specialist in charging stations

Finland has been lagging behind many other European countries in the number of electric cars, hybrid cars and charging stations for them. However, the trend is now turning upwards, which the Instalco company, Voltmen, has noticed in the form of higher demand for its expertise in installation of charging posts.

“A few years ago, we started installing some charging posts at public parking lots. Last year, we installed many charging posts at office parking lots and we're now getting a steady stream of requests for such installations at apartment complex parking lots,” says Janne Skogberg, CEO at Voltmen in Helsinki.

The Finnish authorities are also now offering government subsidies to apartment buildings that install charging stations for electric and hybrid cars.

During the year, Voltmen installed more than 200 charging posts in the Helsinki area and Janne Skogberg estimates that the company will install 50 percent more in 2019. Voltmen has already installed many charging posts and charging stations, with the number steadily increasing, which has enabled them to acquire specialist expertise in this area.

“It’s definitely time to increase the number of charging options for electric and hybrid cars throughout Finland. We hope that our efforts will lead to a better environment in Finland by lowering the level of emissions from cars,” says Janne Skogberg.

In 2017, Voltmen took on a major assignment from Varma insurance company in Helsinki, installing more than 200 charging posts at a facility which, at the time, was northern Europe’s largest parking garage for electric cars.

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