Wooden Day-Care Centre Suviniitty in Espoo

Construction company Evälahti Uusimaa Oy has chosen LVI-Urakointi Paavola Oy and Twinputki Oy as the HVAC- and sprinkler constructors for new wooden Suviniitty day-care centres in Espoo, Finland. The end user of the project is City of Espoo.

LVI-Paavola is responsible for heating, plumbing, ventilation and automation. Twinputki Oy delivers the sprinkler solutions.

Construction area of the building sites is approximately 1900m2. The building work is to be started immediately and is expected to be finished during 2020.

The concept of wooden day-care centres has been developed together with the City of Espoo. After the first projects completed, the options for other similar projects are on place.

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